Matt S Rinc SEO and multimedia expert


Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about me. Although they are all more of a business type, I do like good humor:

1. Where do I work?

Anywhere where my work is appreciated. I hope I will live independently just from consulting but I do work over time on a contract basis.

2. For how much would I work elsewhere?

Very simply: I'm a CEO of, a private IT company specializing in Internet marketing and multimedia. Do contact me for more information.

3. What do I charge for consulting? Per hour? Per day?

  1. $40/h for smaller projects (price is for one output hour - how much time I spend for creating report/project and not all time spent). Teleworking is assumed here.
  2. $500/day for larger projects (very cost efectively in comparision to usual fee in Europe). Travelling costs from/to Slovenia are not included.

4. Am I available over phone?

Always (over GSM mobile phone). I just don't give my number in advance but just to serious partners. And I make sure to receive notifications for important e-mail messages (expected) by GSM.

My moto is to jointly find the right (computer) technology solution. I allways give my best for a final success because I like to see how my solution will simply, fasten and improve people's work with computer - I have studied computers just because of this feeling. I do admit that I'm sometimes before time, though.

5. Am I a nervous person? A weirdo?

No, I just get angry when I see dishonesty, bluffing and lies but I'm very calm person otherwise and a good meeting leader (I was a chairman of student organisation parliament). Some people in primary and secondary school have thought about me that I'm a weirdo but I can say them today as Ally McBeal (in well-known TV series): "I am proud of it!"

6. What do I really like?

Hmm, my wife, Rene and Ines (children), exotic places, fast Internet connections (here I go again :-), good coworker relations, good food - Turkish kebab, game goulash at Sokol in Ljubljana, ... -, blueberry strong drink when (sometimes) skiing at Rogla, Lasko Beer, walking on fresh air ... and some more.

7. Do I really know all that I claim?

Yes. I'm in computers from 1983, check new technologies for at least five hours every day from Internet and printed media, constantly improving (new and existing) automated procedures. In all these years the business world speed has thought me to create fast working solution first and later improve it. Unfortunatelly time doesn't allways allow me to polish solutions to perfection for which I aim to ...