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(due to more personal happenings in my country I will try to write more here in the future)

6. November 2001: I have tried to install ICS (Internet Connection Sharing for Windows 98) from legally bought Windows 98 SE CD-ROM disk into PC with an usual Windows 98 version. After half an hour, one restart and two disk checking routines a setup returned me a message that I do not own the right CD-ROM disk and that I need a Windows 98 - upgrade CD-ROM disk. In spite a huge team of Microsoft usability experts I simply cannot tolerate such a fact why I have not received such message after first ten seconds. According to a lot of time I have lost in my sixteen years long career of a computer expert because of non-working, non-standard and non-usable Microsoft software I do not want to hear about it anymore - except for Internet Explorer (used in my XML application server solution) and other tools related to wishes of my business partners.

23. August 2001: After browsing Brainbench webserver I cannot claim anymore that I am still leading in Slovenia by number of certificates - but that is not important at all. From 1998 I am the leading technical writer, webmaster and XML guru in Slovenia - in one person. And this will not change for long time. To ease you contacting me I have changed site navigation and added a form for your question. First answer is for free!

31. July 2001: I've taken a benefit of some free time after my come back from vacation to take some complex tests for new certificates - BCIP (Brainbench Certified Internet Professional). I now have three - practically I am the only one in Slovenia - for web page layout, Linux administration and Cisco networking. Logos are on a page about me.

25. July 2001: Some example of XSLT and PHP usage with modified example from PHPBuilder is in Unpack into your website. If you have PHP 4 and Sablotron installed you should see a Slashdot news example. It took me just half an hour!

25. April 2001: As promised I have prepaired and translated a shortened presentation of XSLTUK-01 conference (actually only last non-public part is cut out). Look at the slides. Powerpoint presentation is NOT available.

30. March 2001: From 7th to 10th April I will be at XSLTUK-01 conference ( This is the first specialized conference on XSLT technologies (format conversions from XML to other formats). When I return I will add some news in this web.

1. March 2001 - Brainbench started to charge for its tests. Before that I've managed to get some more certifications from which I like the most Master Wireless Application Interface (WAP). Inspite that I've decided to decline overall very good employment offer at another (actually the third Slovenian) mobile operator because I don't want to limit myself to one environment only - I feel this way that I will better benefit the society.

7. January 2001 - I've managed to install AxKit (, server-side plugin for XML for Apache) to work together with PHP scripts! I have sent a description of necessary steps to AxKit-users mailing list. Now I can simply convert pages to XML and prepair an XSLT template. More soon!

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