Matt S Rinc SEO and multimedia expert

My work

I am Technology Consultant for web integration. I can advise, make a plan and implement products stated below. If you are a charity, humanitary or similar organisation, we can discuss free work. My work till now includes:

Documentation projects

Over 50 (manuals, windows help, web pages, HTML Help).

Web sites & presentations

Over 10 public and internal web presentations.
Mobile presentations (for mobile phones with WAP - WML and WMLScript languages).

Presentations at/from conferences

  1. My notes from XSLTUK-01 conference in Oxford, UK, April 2001.
  2. Presentation How XML simplifies preparing, display and archive of educational resources on MIRK 2000 conference.
  3. Presentation Single Source Documentation, XML and e-commerce (Slovenian language only, PowerPoint 97, 594 K, opens new window), on Internet in Slovenia 1999 conference.
  4. Presentation Single Source Documentation and Creating Hypertext files for the Internet and Intranet (PowerPoint 97, 123 K, opens new window), on international conference Where East Meets West: Technical Communication and Usability 30.10.1998 in HERMES Softlab.
  5. Presentation Single Source Documentation (Slovenian language only, PowerPoint 97, 89 K, opens new window), on INFOS 98 fair 27.10.1998 in Green line (Internet/intranet and their common usage).


  1. Demonstrational CD-ROM of Sinonim (Slovenian language only).
  2. Check demonstration of Proceedings of international conference Where East Meets West: Technical Communication and Usability over Internet.

Web integration are procedures and implementation of adapting company's information system - or individual software - with World Wide Web and (usually at the same time) intranet implementation.

Web integration projects

Finished web integration project up to 4th phase (e-commerce, because of open standards implementation can be extended to e-store etc). Data model and organization, implementation of schema and XML templates, creation and installation of transformations and publishing/distribution of single-source content into many media (HTML, WML, PDF, ...).

Communication equipment configuration

Setup and configuration of Cisco routers (for connecting workstations and LAN with Internet, for connecting subnets).
Setup and configuration of firewalls (Borderware Firewall Server, Cisco IOS and PIX).
Configuration of domain name servers - DNS - (BIND, Cisco Network Registrar).

Web server configuration

Setup and configuration of Apache, Microsoft Internet Information Server, Netscape FastTrack and Enterprise Server. Content publishing system, client recognition and serving appropriate content.