Matt S Rinc SEO and multimedia expert

News in 2000 and before

27. October 2000 - I have contacted e-commerce companies Eon and Menea about their security risk in their MS Internet Information Server (IIS) 4.0 webservers. I have also informed press about Menea but none of the media (except Connect magazine) has responded/published anything till 10th November. I guess that Microsoft's influence in Slovenia is too big for media to publish news about (in)secure Microsoft's webserver and how dangerous solution it is for safe electronic commerce (hint: at least banks in Slovenia use other webservers and/or have security implemented otherwise for example with cards with one-time passwords etc).

23. October 2000 - For all potential employers/partners I've added frequently asked questions (FAQ) page (with answers).

5. September 2000 - I became a father of a son Rene, 3.61 kg heavy and 52 cm long. Thank you all for congratulations to my wife Miljana and me. A completely new life starts for me now. I hope that Rene will live in free European community of states, in a country with equal opportunities and high heart culture.

18. August 2000 - In my first atempt of passing Apache 1.3.12 Administrator test at Brainbench I have scored 4.71 (and thus become Certified Master Apache 1.3.12 Administrator). After many years of work it seems like I do master this web server (also part of IBM WebSphere).

12. August 2000 - I've suggested Brainbench certificate authority (most popular website to get a certificate for certain knowledge) to prepair a WAP Developer test since WAP Developer logo usage at WAP Forum practically doesn't require no knowledge. They have answered me that such test is allready in work and that my suggestions were forwarded to test developer! WAP test will be available by October 2000.

9. August 2000 - After spotting an error on Moreover newsfeed (free links to various world news) WML pages (for displaying in mobile phones with WAP) I have notified them. Since an error will soon be repaired all webmasters (wapmasters?) will be able to incorporate newsfeeds into WML pages. And what was an error? Simply - bad ended hypertext links (all WML files are also XML files and these must have a valid structure).

5. August 2000 - I've sent results of CSS-2 compliance tests for MS Internet Explorer 4.01 to Eric Meyer, an editor of Style Sheets Reference Guide website (tests of CSS compliance level in popular web browsers). Tests are published in that website's table.

27. July 2000 - I have achieved first place for Certified Master XML Developer test. See picture or my transcript at Brainbench! Among Slovenian certified experts at Brainbench I am the only Certified Master HTML Programmer (from February 2000) in Slovenia and I also lead as Certified Web Programmer (includes knowledge of HTML 4.0, JavaScript and World wide web concepts).

7. April 2000 - I have gained a right to use WAP Developer logo.

7. March 2000 - I've established IWA Ljubljana, Ljubljana Chapter of International Webmasters Association (IWA).

12. May 1999 - Sinonim has droped some product offerings. For more information about products from PowerBBS Computing, Iterated Systems and other I will add some info in this website. For any additional information and support for ordering, upgrades and problems of these products you can write me to this e-mail: